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Image of young person cold calling an employer for work

Cold Calling Employers for Jobs

Being proactive with your job search is the key to success.  Being proactive means learning the art of cold calling employers. The hidden market as it is sometimes called, refers to jobs that are not advertised.  These jobs are filled through word of mouth or direct recruitment.  Some estimates put the hidden job market as high […]

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Image exhibiting confidence

Building Your Confidence

Whether you are applying for work over the phone, by mail or in person, your confidence can seriously impact your results. Confidence can be improved with just a little bit of effort. So take some time to understand how confidence can be developed. This short video from TED-Ed explains what affects your levels of confidence and […]

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Image for Unique Student Identifier or USI

What is a USI and why do I need one?

If you are going undertake any formal study in Australia, then you will need a Unique Student Identifier, also known as a USI. In this short video from Swinburne Online you can find out why you need a USI and the steps involved in applying for one. This is the link to the site to create […]

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Worker demonstrating saftey at work

Safety Starts with You

If you are attached to all your bits, then you need to take responsibility for your safety at work. While your employer must provide you with a healthy and safe working environment, you are the one that needs to make sure it stays that way. Check out this video to see how easily we can forget […]

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