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Images for income tax showing I love taxes

Understanding Income Tax and Returns

A lot of young people have limited knowledge about income tax and how to prepare their first tax return.  Accessing the right information is critical for getting this task completed accurately.  The Australian Taxation Office, simply called the ATO, manages all tax matters.  This is the government body that issues your Tax File Number (TFN).Lodging Your Income Tax ReturnThere […]

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image of masks showing a different personality type

What is your personality type?

Did you know that your brain is like your finger print, it is totally unique!  While your brain might be unique, your personality type is a lot like other people. Understanding your personality can help you to better manage your choices for work and your life in general. There are a number of models for personality […]

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Image of young man suffering bullying in the workplace

Dealing with Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the workplace can be devastating. It can lead to stress and anxiety and ultimately affect your health and your sense of wellbeing.  It is not acceptable behaviour in Australian workplaces. SafeWork NSW, defines bullying in the workplace as repeated and unreasonable behaviour that creates a risk to health and safety. It can be directed at an […]

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Image of young person cold calling an employer for work

Cold Calling Employers for Jobs

Being proactive with your job search is the key to success.  Being proactive means learning the art of cold calling employers. The hidden market as it is sometimes called, refers to jobs that are not advertised.  These jobs are filled through word of mouth or direct recruitment.  Some estimates put the hidden job market as high […]

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Image exhibiting confidence

Building Your Confidence

Whether you are applying for work over the phone, by mail or in person, your confidence can seriously impact your results. Confidence can be improved with just a little bit of effort. So take some time to understand how confidence can be developed. This short video from TED-Ed explains what affects your levels of confidence and […]

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Worker demonstrating saftey at work

Safety Starts with You

If you are attached to all your bits, then you need to take responsibility for your safety at work. While your employer must provide you with a healthy and safe working environment, you are the one that needs to make sure it stays that way. Check out this video to see how easily we can forget […]

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Image of brain for post on hacking your brain

Hacking Your Brain to Change Your Life

Understanding how your brain works can have a massive impact on your success, happiness and sense of wellbeing, including how you feel about yourself and how you behave. Hacking your brain starts with self-awareness. From this awareness you can create a better version of yourself by sculpting (shaping) your brain. The ability to sculpt or […]

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