image of masks showing a different personality type

What is your personality type?

Did you know that your brain is like your finger print, it is totally unique!  While your brain might be unique, your personality type is a lot like other people. Understanding your personality can help you to better manage your choices for work and your life in general.

There are a number of models for personality types.  One of the better known models for work purposes is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This model classifies everyone into 16 personality types. It is important to note that no type is better than any other type, it is just how people prefer to show up in the world.

Understanding the different types of personalities can help you to better relate to others.  This is very important in a work environment or any team.  Our different personality types can  lead to differences of opinion.  When we understand that others are not necessarily wrong but just different we can be more patient with one another. 

Another advantage is that you will have a better understanding of how you prefer to work.  You can discover what motivates you and what drains you. You can discover why you feel uncomfortable in some situations and not others.  Finally, learning about your personality type, can help you to manage yourself.  Discovering your type is a bit like getting the instruction manual for how you operate. This means you can learn to show up more in the world in a way that is much easier.​

Discover your personality type

You can take a test to find out your personality type, it will take about 20 minutes.  The more accurate you are regarding your answers the more accurate your assessment will be. The following test is similar to the MBTI test, and there is a free version available.

Take the test!

Knowing your type can also help you to more effectively change your behaviour.  Check out our post on Hacking Your Brain to Change Your Life.

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