Image of a red volkswagon for your first car

Getting Your First Car

Getting your first car is exciting and an important decision. Keeping it on the road is just as important. Here are some tips to help you avoid some costly mistakes.

In this video you will get some tips on finding the right car, what you can afford and ongoing car costs.

The Money Smart Rookie video gives great tips on car insurance, car loans, buying a car you can afford and the costs of running a car.  When buying a car the costs of keeping it on the road have to be considered.  There is no point in owning a car if you cannot afford to keep it on the road.  Running the car includes buying petrol, grease and oil changes, services when they fall due, replacements tyres and other maintenance requirements. These costs are in addition to the insurances, registration fees and road service costs if purchased.

You might want to check out the money and finances resources page or link through to the Money Smart site and use the budget planner to  help you manage your car operating costs.  You can then save and plan for your expenses as they occur throughout out the year.​

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