Worker demonstrating saftey at work

Safety Starts with You

If you are attached to all your bits, then you need to take responsibility for your safety at work. While your employer must provide you with a healthy and safe working environment, you are the one that needs to make sure it stays that way.

Check out this video to see how easily we can forget about safety when we are working, in a hurry or not focussed.  Think about the safety issues that are likely to affect you in your work place.  Make sure you keep these in mind, always!

Key things to keep in mind​

Always follow the safety rules your employer has establish to create a safe workplace.  If you are not sure, check with your supervisor. Where ever you are working, check that your work environment is safe. This includes your normal workplace or if you are working remotely.

Your responsibilities include complying with all work, health and safety policies that your employer has in place. Safety policies can cover a range of activities, depending on the nature of the work you perform.  Some policies include: not smoking in the workplace, wearing protective gear, taking breaks, use of work vehicle, procedures for undertaking certain tasks and reporting on issues or risks.

Not only should you comply with any written policies, you should also follow any directions given by your supervisor. You also need to follow the directions of staff who have specific responsibilities for health and safety.

If you become aware of any potential risks or health challenges, these should be reported to your supervisor immediately.

Check out the NSW SafeWork site to find out more about being safe at work and download their Safe app for identifying risks at work.

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