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Youth Homelessness

On any given night in Australia 1 in 200 hundred people are homeless.  There are currently 105,237 people in Australia who are homeless.  Of these, 56 percent are male and 44 percent are female.  Youth Homelessness accounts for 25 percent of this total figure.

​In this short video by Forgotten Lands, Youth Homelessness is explored.  Below the video you will find some links to help you, should you find yourself in this position.

Myths and Facts​

Myth 1: Homeless people are responsible for their own predicament

False! Homelessness is a complex problem. It is the result of a number of factors, both individual and environment.  Factors can include a lack of adequate and affordable housing, loss of employment, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol use, grief and loss, domestic violence, family breakdown and mental health. No one chooses to be homeless.

Myth 2: Homeless people are “bludgers” who leech off the system

False! Many of those affected by homelessness go on to resume productive employment. Securing stable housing can lead to into voluntary work.

Myth 3: Homeless people have no skills

False! Homeless people come from all walks of life.  Many have worked in highly paid jobs and careers prior to becoming homeless. A lot of homeless people possess untapped artistic and creative talents. George Orwell, very famous writer, experienced homelessness.

Myth 4: There is already plenty of affordable accommodation available for homeless people

False! Numerous reports across both government and non-government sectors have highlighted an alarming decrease in the availability of low cost accommodation. There are low vacancy rates in the housing market, especially at the lower end. Housing prices have escalated, pushing up rental costs. There are long waiting lists for public and community housing (many wait years). All of these factors reduce the availability of low cost accommodation.

 (Source: Homeless in the City, Exploring Myths and Facts, Adelaide City Council)

If you need assistance​

​​Organisations such as Connecting Home and various Community Centres can assist you if you need temporary accommodation. You can also call Links2Home for information, assessment or referral to homelessness services and support in New South Wales.

The Links2home hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Call 1800 152 152.​

Check out our Accommodation and Housing resources page for more information.

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